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My first visit to the Vets!

Health Guarantee

Is only for Flying Gems Birds.

My babies have been examined on a daily basis since they were hatched.  No known problems were found in the time that they lived here at Flying Gems Aviary.  If any known problems or abnormalities in the bird were found then I will let the buyer know before sale date.

It is highly recommended to take all bird(s) to an Avian Veterinarian for an examination within the first week of ownership.  If an examination is not done with in the first week it will void any refund in the future from health issues that are linked to Flying Gems Aviary.  Examination should include an exam and any other tests the Veterinarian feels necessary to assure the bird(s) health which all must be preformed with in the week after purchase.   If any problems are found with the bird or bird(s) purchased, dated test results must be provided with the bird(s) type and band number on any records sent.

Your bird(s) must be quarantined away from other bird(s) in the home for at least 4 weeks.  I take no responsibility for problems occurring in other bird(s) caused by transmission of disease from the new bird(s). If proper quarantine is observed, there should not be a problem. Quarantine is the buyer's responsibility.

We reserve the right to take the bird to our veterinarian, if our veterinarian determines the bird to be unhealthy, ill or dead due to neglect, malnutrition, mistreatment, improper care, or injury sustained after purchase, no refund or replacement will be given.

In the event of death, the bird(s) must be taken to a veterinarian with in 12 hours after death. A necropsy should be performed.  The necropsy should include a complete histopathology.  The report must include the veterinarians findings.  Bird type and band number must be on necropsy report. If necropsy shows that the death is a result originating from Flying Gems, we will, at our discretion, either replace the bird with one of equal value (as soon as one becomes available) or refund the full purchase price. We do not assume any liability for veterinary expenses you may incur.

Death of baby birds after they left my home since 1997
1999 Baby became caught under a perch; offered a replacement; Owner declined.
2002 Baby was found dead in cage; offered a replacement; New bird doing great.