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Multiple Bird Discount
I do offer a multiple bird purchase discount on regular priced birds.  Birds that have a reduced price may be eligible for a multiple bird discount depending on quantity purchased.

If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental consent before you purchase a bird.

Peach Face Lovebirds
Shipping Transport Quarantine
Health Certificate Carriers  
Peach Face Lovebirds

Price on Babies Include:
DNA sexing ($25, Avian Biotech)
Hatch Certificate
Health Guarantee
Pedigree Certificate   

*SDF= Single dark factor
*DDF= Double dark factor
*wf= White Faced
*am. cinn= American Cinnamon
*aus. cinn= Australian Cinnamon

Adult & Proven Pair prices will vary on Mutations
Delta $85-$185+ depending on destination, weight and size of carrier
Track your Birds:  Delta Cargo
Transport of Non Flying Gems Birds:
Transport < 50 miles $15
Transport 50-100 miles $20
Transport 100-200 miles $25
Quarantine till shipping of Non Flying Gems Birds:
1 Cage
Per Day $2
Week $10
Month $35
More than 1 Cage, email for estimate
Health Certificate: (if needed)
Exam with domestic Health Certificate $55
We offer this carrier for $15.00. 

We accept Credit Card payments through

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