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Up Dates A place to find where all the updates for the month are.  Saves time searching each page for updates.
Search To search Flying Gems Website
Available Birds What babies, adults and proven pairs are available.  Information is available about what is going on in the Aviary.
Breeding How we breed our Peach face lovebirds
Development of a Lovie A Baby Peach Face lovebird from day 1 through 6 months
Peach Face Lovebirds
Adults Information about all the Peachface adult lovebirds that live here
Babies Pictures of babies from the past
Black Cheeked Lovebirds
Adults Information about the Black Cheeked lovebirds that live here
Babies Pictures of babies
Flying Gems Info
About US A page that answer questions, about the owners, our location and a few questions that we are frequently asked
Health Guarantee A health Guarantee that we offer on all birds that we sell
Prices Prices on birds
Shipping Information about shipping
Clubs and Awards Clubs that we belong too and Awards that we have received
Avian Breeders Bird Breeders in other states
Bird Advice
Before you Buy Things you should think about before buying that bird
Water Bottle How to train your bird on a water bottle
Wing Trim How to trim your birds wings
Nail Trim How to trim your birds nails
Beak Trim What you can use to help trim the birds beak
Fresh Baby Advice for the Fresh baby owner
Recipes Things you can make for your bird
First Aid What to do when your bird is sick or injured
Household Toxins Items around the house that can be harmful to your bird
Safe Plants Plants that are safe for birds
Toxic Plants Plants that you want to avoid
Medium Birds
Indian Ringneck Parakeets Our Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Blue Crown Conures Our Blue Crown Conures
Indian Ringneck Parakeets Our Baby Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Our Home
My Backyard Our Backyard Visitors
Vacation Photos of Our Vacations
My Pets
Zima Our Dog
Brooke Our Princess
Soot Our Little man, Cockatiel
Friends Animal Friends
Shortbread's Story The little pied lovie
In Our New Home Our babies that have gone to live in their new homes
To Good Homes Adult birds that have left for their new homes
In Memory Friends that have left us
Links Links to different sites of interests
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Bittersweet Boarding Board your dog, bird or small critter with us
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