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Flying Gems Aviary
     My first  real experience with birds was when I purchased my 2 cockatiels.  I bought Ashes and Soot together.  They were being sold as a pair.  Soot could already say "pretty boy".  But when he said it he dragged it out into versions such as "pretty, pretty, boy, boy, boy".   I have tried to breed them in the past but have always ended up with non fertile eggs.  So I just let them be my pets.
     On July 11, 2002, Ashes past away.  Leaving Soot an unhappy man.  Everyday he would yell for her.  Yes, birds do have feelings.  Soot now has adjusted to the loss of his mate.  He is more vocal then before and will now come out of his cage for free time.  He really likes Ticho, Austin and Zipper.  He tries so hard to talk to them and stand next to them.  He enjoys sitting on the play stand with Jake.  Waiting for the ladies to arrive.


Name:  Soot  
Sex:  Male (actions)  
Mutation:  Grey  
DOB:  1994  
Bred By:  
Mate:  Ashes (7/02)  

Soot is my happy go lucky little man.  He loves attention.  He will keep tweeting  and tapping on his cage till you talk to him or tap back.  His vocabulary consists of:  "Hello, pretty boy", "Hello, Gina", "Up, Up", "Here kitty, kitty, kitty", "Aye Krumba", "thank you", "peek a boo", "Oh, Oh" and whatever he makes up.

Ashes and SootSoot with his mate Ashes