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I am a princess.

Welcome to my page.  I am the Princess of this house.  My name is Brooke.  I go where I want to and do what I want.  I drink from the fish tank because it has filtered flavored water.  
     Mom does use me as a landing pad for those little lovie imps.  I get yelled at even if I tap one on the bum for misbehaving.  Little does Mom know but when she is not at home I whack their cages.  Till one day that little girl grabbed onto my paw and would not let go.  And Mom found the white fur and I got in trouble again.  I was only saying "Hi!" I told her.  She did not believe me.
     Let me tell you how I ended up in this ZOO.  I was abandoned at the Animal Hospital where Mom worked as a Tech.  I was pregnant at the time.  Mom felt bad for me because I was very scared.  She took me home just to take care of me till I had the kittens.  Exactly a week later while she was sleeping, My water broke and I gave birth to 4 kittens.  She was really surprised when she started to wake and I was giving birth right next to her in bed.  I was scared and she was my friend.  A week later she brought home 2 kittens from work that were a week old.  The 2 kittens had been found in a dumpster and brought to the hospital.  Mom thought since I was a good mother that I would not mind taking care of 2 more.  I didn't.  When the kittens left, Mom decided that I was such a good cat and got along with the dogs, ferrets, and birds, that she had to keep me.  Now I live the life of a Princess.
died: 4/17/14

Christmas 02'
I am not suppose to go outside!  Here I am caught on the picnic table.
I am hiding
the approach They first corner me.  They work as a team.
the approach Then they approach, they pick the senior member of the team.
the attack Then the attack!
Digit is one of the Babies that was found in the dumpster and that I adopted.
Christmas 02'
What's this?
Let me get my smell on this before the dogs come along
This tastes good
This is mine
I love it
My new toy
Love the feet
Let me lick him
Got to get him out
I am so tired
He's out I can rest now