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Name:  Zipper Name:  Austin Powers Gold Member
Sex:  Female (DNA) Sex:  Male (DNA)
Mutation:  Blue Mutation:  Lutino/ ?Blue/ ?Green pied ?Orange
DOB:  Fall 2000 DOB:  May 5, 2002
Band: 77M MA 00 Band:  DP MD 45
Bred By: Bred By:  Sphynx n Parrots
Mate: Mate:
Parents: Parents:  Tequila (M) Lutino/ Blue & Rama (F) Lutino/ Blue/ Green Pied
Negative for:  Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD & Pacheco's Negative for:   Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD & Pacheco's
Offspring (Could be others parents may have unknown splits)
Males: Females:
1 Day
2 Days
4 Days
6 Days
7 Days (1 week)
10 Days, eye slits
11 Days, eye slits opening
14 Days (2 weeks), you can see the black spots on the baby's butt where his feathers will be coming in
16 Days, You can see more feathers getting ready to errupt.  Today he was pulled to be hand fed.  He is doing great except that he seemed to be a little restless and stressed by his new enviorment.  I bought some little stuffies for him to cuddle with.  He is very vocal.
21 Days (3 weeks)
24 Days, Feathers are really coming in now.  He looks like he is going to be Green.
26 days
28 Days (4 weeks)
31 Days, starting to eat solid foods, playing with millet and pellets
35 Days (5 weeks)
39 Days
39 Days (6 weeks)
49 Days (7 weeks)
9 weeks, trimmed flight feathers
13 Weeks, Down to 1 feeding a day