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I have heard many people say that Indian Ringnecks (IRN) do not make good pets.
I love mine and have a great relationship with them.
Zipper Austin

Name:  Zipper Name:  Austin Powers Gold Member
Sex:  Female (DNA) Sex:  Male (DNA)
Mutation:  Blue Mutation:  Lutino/ ?Blue/ ?Green pied ?Orange
DOB:  Fall 2000 DOB:  May 5, 2002
Band: 77M MA 00 Band:  DP MD 45
Bred By: Bred By:  Sphynx n Parrots
Mate: Mate:
Parents: Parents:  Tequila (M) Lutino/ Blue & Rama (F) Lutino/ Blue/ Green Pied
Negative for:  Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD & Pacheco's Negative for:   Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD & Pacheco's
Offspring (Could be others parents may have unknown splits)
Males: Females:

Zipper was given to me for Easter(2001).  She is a very friendly IRN and flies freely through our house when we are home.  She does have her PMS moments.  Zipper can say Zipper, cluck like a chicken, Hi! and What you doing?.  We have also heard her laugh.

Well Zipper and I finally got our wish.  On August 14 (the Hottest day (101) in Boston in 25 years), our new little man arrived at 5:03 pm.

We have been waiting for a Lutino ringneck for a year now and finally found one. He comes all the way from Maryland, from  Sphynx n Parrots 

 Zipper is friendly and picks up tricks easily.  She loves to learn new things whether it be words or a trick.  She does have her moments when she will bite us for no reason but a 1 hour timeout usually brings back the bird we love.  She has been banned from the dinner table because of her obsession with mashed potatoes.  She will go into the sink and lick the bowl.       

Austin can say Hi!, Hi Austin!, Hi Zipper!, Zippa!, What are you doing?, Who's a good boy?,  I'm a good boy, Here Kitty Kitty, Aye Krumba, Peek a Boo, Get in your Cage!, Knock it off!, Hi Ticho!, Thank you, Maverick, Ethan, clucks like a chicken and laughs like Soot.  He does love to sit on your shoulders.  He will usually fall asleep up there.


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Zipper Austin
Two years First Day home
  5 months
15 months
17 months
Ringed at age 2
Baby pictures
Austin's little sister


Zipper, two years old
First day home
5 months old
15 months, He is started to get his ring.  Look closely and you will see pink feathers coming in
17 Months, His ring is really coming in.
Ringed at age 2
Baby pictures from his previous owner
Pictures of Austin's Little Sister, Tangeo.  She has a rare orange gene