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     Their story starts off at the animal hospital were I worked.  Their previous owners asked to board them for a couple of weeks while they went away.  They left them with a cage, that was so tiny they could just about stand and they could not even stretch their wings.  The cage was meant for a cockatiel.  They also left them with a bag of food that contained at the most a cup of food.  As weeks turned into months, we knew that they were not coming back.  With no calls from the owners it was decided that they were abandoned. So I adopted them in August of 2001..
Ticho Jake
Name:  Ticho Name:  Jake
Sex:  Female (DNA) Sex:  Male (DNA)
Mutation: N/A Mutation: N/A
DOB:  12/01/96 DOB:  12/01/95 
Band:  MLD ME Band:  OIW 704  Open ring
Bred By: Bred By:
Mate:  Jake Mate:  Ticho
Parents: Parents:
Negative for:  Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD, Pacheco's Negative for:  Polyoma, Chlamydia-P, PBFD, Pacheco's

Ticho the female is very friendly and waves and talks.  Her vocabulary consists of  "Hi, all right, I love you, Hi Ticho"  There might be more words but she loves Hi and all right.  Jake we think is saying Hi also.  He drags it out and does it in a deep voice, so it is hard to understand.  

Our New Cage
Well after waiting almost a year we got our new Cage.  We had to make sure that our old owners would not return for us.  We ordered it from Feather Fantasy. Within the week it was here.

I can not say enough great stuff about Feather Fantasy and their great products and customer service.

Our New Cage is the Island Cage model Cozumel.  We love the room.  What a great cage.  We chose the Play top.
Some of the features that our cage includes is outside feeders.  Not only do we have more room in the cage but we do not poop by accident in the bowl.  Because of the design there is a bar that prevents us from taking our bowls out and dumping them.  Our mom also chose to buy the optional feeder covers.  In case we still decide to throw our food it will not go everywhere and we also like to playtop on top of our cage and she did not want us to poop in the dishes.  It came with 6 manzanita perches.  Feather Fantasy has this deal if you buy an Island Cage they give you an extra perch.

She did not attach the seed guards because our room is rather small.

Ticho has yellow feather, top of tail under tail
 Ticho does tricks!
Ticho waves Hi!
Ticho takes ring  Ticho holds ring
Ticho, gives the ring back Ticho gets a treat
Ticho takes the dumbbell Ticho holds and gives back the dumbbell
Placing Jake in position to administer his eye drops
What a good Boy!