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Name:  Andalusite, "Andy" Name: Ammolite, "Amy"
Sex:    Male Sex:    Female
Mutation:  Green/  opaline, blue & australian cinnamon Mutation:  Olive Opaline/ wf blue
DOB:  3/8/04 DOB:  5/21/04
Band: no band Band: 04 NCS 29
Bred By: Opaline Lovebirds, Cory De Stein Bred By: Opaline Lovebirds, Nancy Carr
Mate:  Mate: 
Parents: Clover & Chico Parents: Clio & Oliver
Offspring (Could be others parents may have unknown splits)
Green SDF Opaline

Green SDF Opaline/wf blue

Green SDF / opaline

Green SDF / opaline & wf blue

Green SDF / opaline & aus. cinn

Green SDF / opaline, wf blue & aus. cinn

Green SDF Opaline / aus. cinn

Green SDF Opaline / aus. cinn & wf blue

Green SDF Opaline Aus. Cinn

Green SDF Opaline Aus. Cinn / wf blue

Green SDF Opaline

Green SDF Opaline / wf blue

Green SDF

Green SDF / wf blue

Green SDF Aus. Cinn

Green SDF Aus. Cinn / wf blue