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Flying Gems Aviary

 (Lots of Pictures Please be Patient)

Chubby (Whiteface Blue/ Aussie Cinnamon) is a baby that was sold in March 02'.

He is at his new home with his girlfriend Patches

(Whiteface Blue pied/ Aussie Cinnamon) is a baby that was sold in March 02'.

He is at his new home.


She is a bird that I sold in July 2002.  She is a silver violet.


"This won't be  a long email since Calliope doesn't like me to give anything else attention but her.  She is such a sweet bird.  The only problem is when we put her in her cage to eat and drink she throws a tantrum and turn all of her dishes over.  I think she'd rather starve then be inside her cage. She's just messy and full of attitude but we love her."  Cynthia, David and Calliope  

(White face Blue Pied/ Australian cinnamon)

Baby picture

"The baby is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart!  He's already sitting on my finger out of the cage, and hopefully soon he'll graduate to shoulders :)  I absolutely love him!" Tammy
(American Yellow/ Dutch Blue)
"As I'm typing this, she's on my lap in the pocket of a sweatshirt (I've put a few seeds in the pocket, and she's eaten a few.)  She seems to really like the pocket and didn't even leave it when I left the sweatshirt on the seat for a few minutes.
Thanks for several things: Taming her, delivering her, providing a generous amount of her food, providing the certificates, and being a responsible, caring breeder.  Your professionalism is a wonderful attribute.  Keep up the good work. Regards Dorothy

(White Face Australian Cinnamon)

Baby picture

"i just wanna say thank you sooooooooo much !!! her and elby love each other!!!
i want 2 say thank you for the certificates!! they are sooo neat!!
and a BIG thank you for the treats!! they are sooooooo kewl!!!
well thank you sooooo much for all that information!! and thank you for them lovely treats!! she is the sweetest bird!! and now i have an alarm clock!! (elby was quiet) Hahah
i love the sound of her chirp! it is soooo cute! well thank you sooo much!" Cassy

(White Face Blue)

On his new playstand in his New Home.



(White face Blue Pied/ Australian cinnamon)

Her Story

"Well it has been a couple of months now and Maggie is doing very well in her new home.  She now drinks out of a bottle on her own and eats quite well. I still give her bird formula which she eats out of a spoon, twice a day so she gets enough vitamins.  I give her a combination of seed and Zu Preem. She has lots of toys and she still can't stand. She gets her exercise and amuses herself by climbing around and hanging from the toys. Of course, she rings the bells and beaks the beads and strings. And she's getting doggone stubborn too, just like a normal lovie!  She's feathered out well and is nicely colored.  Her missing eye still leaks but I keep her clean.  She verbalizes a lot and makes her needs know."