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Loss of a Pet

It may be hard for some to understand,
How friendships with pets go hand and hand.
Together you formed a unique and special bond,
I'm sorry for you that your pet has passed on.

It's not always easy for some to see,
A pet being like extended family.
You've laughed, played, cared and shared,
I'm saddened for you that your pet's no longer here.

Remember the communications you so strongly built,
Remember the greeting so happily filled,
Remember the tenderness you had for each other,
Remembering is an important part of staying together.

Try to move ahead without feeling to sad,
By Remembering the best of the time that you had.


                                                    Toni Kahaflit

Zima I took in Zima when she was only 4-6 weeks old the summer of 1994.  She was a very loyal dog and was excellent with all critters.  She was great with the boys.  Late summer of 2005 we found a lump.  She had several surgeries with no definitive diagnosis.  She did well but was never 100% again.  Summer of 2006, she stopped eating well and started having problems walking and breathing.  We decided that it would be best for her not to suffer anymore.  We humanly euthanised her on July 28, 2006
Zep He was becoming more and more aggressive as he aged and discomfort in his hips became more pronounced.  For the safety of our family we humanly euthanised him on December 31, 2004.

     Zep was born 8/ 96 at the hospital I worked at.  All his siblings died.  He was the only one left out of 9.  His mother was a young hyper shepherd.  At 2 weeks of age Zep was placed in the incubator at work, we hand fed him and treated his pneumonia.  At times we did not know if he was going to make it or not.  At 5 weeks my boyfriend at the time fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him, so I let him.  After 2 months of going together we broke it off and I took the puppy.  I could not keep the puppy so I gave it to a friend.  A  year later my friend told me she could no longer keep the dog because he was so hyper.  At the time I had a cousin looking for a dog for her and her roommates.  They loved the dog and took him.  A roommate and I started dating,  the others moved out,  I moved in and now we are one happy family
October 6, 2007, We spread Zep's ashes.  We spread them at our favorite stop in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 
Where Zep's Ashes are
Rusty Rusty was born April 4, 1986.  He was a Shetland Sheepdog.  I bought him from a breeder with my first $100 I ever made.  It was saved from my babysitting money. While in college he was my guinea pig whenever I learned a new technique. On 1-28-01 I humanely euthanaised him. 
rusty sleeping



Freddie was my first Peachfaced ever.  He is a green or wild colored Peachfaced. He was given to me by a co-worker who bred her two Lovies together.  I got him in October of 1995.  I fell in love with Freddie, he was a little clown.  He was always out of his cage playing with me.
     Freddie was the faithful companion to Ethel.  She loved him and hated my friendship with him.
     On September 5, 2008, At about 11 pm there was a lot of fluttering and squawking coming from the bird room.  When I went in Freddie was on the bottom of the cage with his legs out behind him and he was on his back.  His breathing was shallow.  His legs were paralyzed.  He could not move them.  So I held him for awhile and pet his little head till his breathing was better.  I gave him a little bit of water through a syringe, which he drank.  I put him in a bucket back in his cage.  By morning he was gone.
      Ethel is very quiet with out him.

Ethel Ethel was Freddie's Mate.  She was an American Cinnamon peachfaced lovebird.  I only know her age because of her band: 96 D&D MA.

On July 19, 2011, I found Ethel at the bottom of her cage.  I did notice around December 2010 some tumors which started to grow near her bottom.  Because of her age we decided not to take a surgical approach.

First came Freddie, a year after owning him my hours at the hospital changed. He started doing naughty things to his toys.  I did not mind that till he started rubbing away all his feathers and creating open sores.   At first I took him to be checked out and I was told I had to get him to stop doing his naughty things.  Then I went to a pet shop that I trust very much.  They told me he needed a companion.  At the time a women was shopping in the store and she heard my conversation.  She approached me and told me of a female she had that her husband could not stand because all she did was scream.  The women offered, I accepted and I was given a light colored bird.  I named her Ethel.
     As soon as I introduced her to Freddie she spread her wings.  It took them 3 years for Freddie to realize that Ethel was better than that rope toy. 
Iolite In January of 2006, He started plucking himself bald.  He then refused to eat a balance diet only eating certain seeds.  He continued to mutilate every new feather that started to appear doing damage to his skin.  Everything we tried to get him to eat and stop him from picking made it worse.  On March 17, 2006 we found him in the corner of his cage, he had passed on through the night.
Ashes Ashes passed away on July 11, 2002. She was a cranky little tiel. She was Soot's cage mate.Ashes
Jade Jade passed away on December 26, 2004.  She became egg bound during the holiday season.  On the way to the Vet she passed away.
Sasha Sasha was my first ferret.  She was born June of 94'.  She would come running for her raisins.  Give kisses and cuddle with you, she was a sweet heart and will be missed greatly.  We had to humanely euthanaise (9-28-01) her due to her adrenal problem and a large abdominal mass. 
P.I.T.A P.I.T.A passed away in her sleep during the first weekend in 2003. She was a gift from my younger brother.  At the time I had just humanely euthanaised one of my first ferrets, Sarina.  My brother walked in the door with this tiny little ferret in his shirt pocket.  She was the brat of the group.  She would chase you and jump on you.  She would back up and get a running start to jump on you.  She would also make clicky sounds as she was attacking.  Clicky sounds are happy sounds. PITA

She was one of my first ferrets.  I bought her when I bought Sasha.  Sarina was sick from the beginning.  After only having her 3 months I found out that she had not been spayed.  So I had to take her to a Vet. to have emergency surgery.  In female ferrets that are intact it is an emergency if a female goes into heat, she can die. (spaying info.)   She made it through the surgery.  A year and a half later she started showing signs of heat again.  We did an Ultrasound and it showed that there was a cyst growing on her uterine stump.  We did surgery again.  She made it  through it fine.  A couple of months later she was feeling sick again and we decided to do surgery again.  We found another cyst and a left adrenal mass.  She made it out of surgery fine.  But she never fully recovered and she became sicker and sicker.  I had to humanely euthanaise her.  I will always remember her.  I have scars that will always remind me of how much I loved her and  how much she loved to bite me.

Flea Flea was a 5 year old cinnamon ferret.  He was my sick boy.  He is the only ferret we know of that has a thyroid problem.  He gave up on life.  On 3-22-00 we humanely euthanaised him.

Homey Homey was left at the house by a departing roommate that could not keep him any longer.  He was approx. a 4 year old sable ferret.  He loved to steal everything.  A large tumor began to grow in his belly, it finally became a problem for him and we humanely euthanaised him on 8-3-00.Homey


Jazz  Jazz was given to me with Flea by a client of the hospital.  Jazz was a 5 year old sable ferret.  His owner could no longer keep him she asked if I would watch him for a year and then she would come back for them.  She never came back.  He was my little thief.  He would take anything and hide it.  He loved to take Zep's toys and hide them from him. He died in his sleep.



Sassy Her look tells it all.  My family claimed she was nicer than she looks but only the people that lived with her knew how nice she really was.  She was humanly euthanised on March 21, 2006.
Magoo Magoo was a Peachfaced lovebird who belonged to Dawn.  He was my First male Lovie born, his parents are Fred and Ethel.  He was born in 1998.  He was found dead at the bottom of his cage December 2006.
Wolfie Wolfie was a cat who was loved by Dawn.  He lived a great life with her after being a stud cat for many years.  He lost his battle against Kidney failure.  Dawn humanely euthanaised him on 12/01.
Sadie A husky cross that belonged to a very good friend of mine.  She was a wonderful dog.  She was humanly euthanised so that she would not have to suffer from old age ailments.
Ripley A heeler cross that belonged to an Uncle and Aunt.  In Fall 09, she started to not eat and her Kidneys values were not looking so good.  Mom tried everything but after many weeks in no improvement it was felt best to end any pain she was having.  On December 12, she was humanly euthanised

She was a baby I sold a Christmas time to a little girl.  She loved the bird very much.  We will never know why because the little girl buried her beloved little bird.  Daisy was born in July 99.  She was well loved and will be missed.

Myst Myst was a baby lovie that I sold in January of 02'.  She was born in October and was only at her new home a couple of weeks.  She was found dead in her cage.  We do not know why, all her siblings are fine.  She was a beautiful bird and will be missed.


Angel Angel was a lovebird that came to live with us.  Her owner wanted her to go to a home were Angel could find a mate and breed.  Angel did lay eggs and sit and hatch those eggs but was not the best mom and we lost both babies.  On March 25, 2002, I came home to find Angel at the bottom of her cage.  We believe that she got caught in a toy.  Angel was a very active lovie and loved her toys.