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Flying Gems Aviary

If you would like your baby here email me!

 (Lots of Pictures Please be Patient)

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Ferrets Pigs Drawings
Beag:   The little green pest on the right belongs to Dawn.  He is a parrotlet.
Chubby (Whiteface Blue/ Aussie Cinnamon) is a baby that was sold in March 02'.

He is at his new home with his  girlfriend Patches

Chubby's First baby
Chubby's First babies
Liberty An American Cinnamon Lovie.  She lives with Chubby.
Patches Is
Chubbies mate.  She is a green pied
Lightning:  (OF Medium Blue Pied / Lutino) a friend of Chubby's. 
(Whiteface Blue/ Aussie Cinnamon) is a baby that was sold in March 02'.

He is at his new home.


Leonardo's First Baby
Freddie:  She is an  internet Friend.  At first her owner thought that she was a he but what a surprise when the test came in. Freddie
She loves to read her people magazine. Freddie
She is a bird that I sold in July 2002.  She is a silver violet.
Miles:  He is 5 years old.  He eats everything.  He stays at my house time to time when his Mom goes away. Miles
Krinkles:  She stays at my house when her parents go away.  She is Magoo's Gizmo's, Beag's and O'Malley's cousin. Krinkles
Buddy and Walnut

Buddy, a dog that was rescued from a shelter, playing with his new best friend Walnut.


Max and Walnut
Gus and Ripley

Friends of the Family

O'Malley:  Dawn's Cat O'Malley
Digit:  This is on of Brooke's adoptive kittens. She belongs to my Aunt.
Winston and J.P.:   Just lying around.  They belong to Bernadette.
I just love Winston so I took the photo off the bulletin board at work so that I could scan it in the computer and have a picture of them.
Claw: Lived at the Brookline Animal Hospital for some time and is now in a new home
But I think that the cat Ward was great too, with skylights and toys
Cat Boarding Facility at Brookline Animal Hospital
Fred:  He was my brother's Pot belly pig.  He was only a couple of months old. My brother gave him away when he had a baby.  Fred was just a little too possessive of my brother and would scream for attention





This is a picture that was drawn by a Friend.  She knows I like Lovies.


Picture by Lisa C
I just love this drawing. Gina