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Everybody knows that the worse thing about Lovies is the mess they like to make in their water dishes.  And who likes to drink their own bath water.  Lovies love to bathe in their water dish.  So by using the bottle it is healthier, you will cut down the risk of ingesting bacteria from their dirty dish water.  

Then one day I saw a advertisement for a bird water bottle.  I had to laugh at first, did they really think that these little love pests were really going to use a bottle?  Well I went to the pet store and they were having a closeout sale on some items one was a water bottle in the shape of a hamster for $1.50.  I thought lets try it.  It has worked out great.  I still have creations in the dish but not as much as before.  I am still weaning them off of the dish. I have one Hen that prefers the bottle over the dish.  I give them a dish to bathe in and they use the bottle to drink.

Going for a taste
How to Get your bird on a bottle

1.  Buy a small water bottle that fits your cage size.

2.  Place the water bottle above the water dish.  Make sure that there is enough room between the dish and the tip of the bottle so the bird can drink from the bottle and not have to sit in the dish.

3.  Curiosity will usually take over and the bird will investigate the bottle and find that it is a source of water. 

4.  I always keep the water dish full for the first week and a half.  I then do not fill the dish as much.  I keep on putting less and less water in the dish till I see them using the bottle 100% and the dish is empty.  

5.  Good luck and do not give up.  Think no more dirty water dish.