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Routinely trimming your bird's nails is not necessary if you have beak and nail trimming devices.  One of my favorites are sand covered perches.   You can also use concrete perches instead of sand covered perches but I like that the sand covered perches they have a natural shape to them and exercise the birds feet. 

Just by walking along the perch, the birds wear down their nails.

How to trim your birds nails

1.  Have your tools ready.  Kwik stop (a powder that stops the bleeding) and a pair of small animal nail clippers.  

2.  Place the bird in a towel.  Use a small hand towel.  Also try to use a soft colored towel.  Towels that are bright like red will frightened the bird.  I use a light blue towel.  

3.  Holding the bird in the towel, gently grab a foot and pull it out of the towel.

4.  Cut the nail at the curve.  Avoid hitting the quick (blood supply to nail).

In the diagram you want to trim where the blue line is.  The red is the quick. 

5.  If you hit the quick apply Kwik stop to the tip of the nail.   

Make this a fun experience.  Tell the bird how good he is and after the nail trim give him play time out of his cage and special treats.  At this time do not over handle him.  

Over time your bird will become use to this.  My babies I do not need to use a towel.  Their daily training involves the manipulation of their feet to a clipping position.  

If you find that your bird seems to be stressing out (signs:  open mouth breathing, wings held out to side, or rolling of eyes) Stop immediately.  Return the bird to its cage and watch from a distance for the bird to return to normal breathing.  Try to trim its nails tomorrow.  If the bird becomes stressed the next day, take the bird to a Vet or a breeder that knows how to clip nails.  Breeders and Vets that have been doing nail trims for a long time they will do it quickly and cause less stress for the bird.  If you find the ride to the Vets or breeders will cause stress ask the vet or breeder to come to your house.