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All advice that is given on this page is by Flying Gems Aviary. I recommend that if your bird is seriously sick or injured, Please see a Veterinarian.  If you prolong anything, you will be risking your pets life.  Use of any of these treatments is by discretion of you, the bird owner.
Please take your bird to a veterinarian immediately if showing any of these signs:
Loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, weakness, coughing, sneezing, favors one leg or wing. and has seizures.
Bleeding from nail Apply kwik-stop to nail.  if you do not have kwik-stop you may use the following:  cornstarch, flour or bar of soap.
Bleeding from feather Only if Vet is not around. Use forceps to slowly and steadily remove feather.  Apply pressure to area.  Keep bird quiet.  If bleeding does not stop take to Vet immediately. 
Burns Take to Vet immediately. Heat- apply cold compress and water soluble cream.  Chemical-flush area with water.
Coma Take to Vet immediately. Keep quiet and cool.
Diarrhea Take a sample to Vet.  Get treatment if needed.  If bird becomes dehydrated offer Electrolyte fluids mixed with baby cereal. 
Eyes Take to Vet. May apply natural tears to eyes.  Do not use Visine or antibiotic drops or ointments.
Egg-Binding Take to Vet immediately. Keep warm.
Lacerations Take to Vet immediately. Keep quiet and apply pressure to the area to stop bleeding.
Oil Contamination Keep warm.  Use dishwashing detergent to remove oil.  Dry bird in towel.
Overheating Keep cool.  Perch bird in cool water and mist body.  If still panting, contact your Vet.
Passing Whole Seeds Take to Vet.  Keep warm. 
Poisoning Take to Vet immediately.  Keep warm and well ventilated. 
Prolapse of Cloaca Take to Vet immediately. 
Respiratory Take to Vet immediately. Keep warm.
Vomiting Take to Vet. Keep warm.  Remove food and water.