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Routinely trimming your bird's beak is not necessary if you have beak and nail trimming devices.  Some of my favorites are Cuttlebones (a good source of Calcium),  larva rocks and sand covered perches.   You can also use concrete perches instead of sand covered perches but I like that the sand covered perches, they have a natural shape to them and exercise the birds feet.

They will chew on the cuttlebone and wear down the tip and edges of their beak.  They will rub their beaks and try to chew on the larva rocks and sanded perches.  

If you find that even with the use of these tools that the birds beak still is too long, you should bring your bird to a Vet.  They have special tools such a dremel that can file down your birds beak.  You should never attempt to trim your own bird's beak.